Bark Avenue Dog 

6' Inflatable Replica


This friendly looking inflatable dog was produced for Bark Avenue Pet Resort, which is a sort of doggy day care. This digitally printed pup was designed to look more realistic, with photo-realistic fur throughout. Not only that, but it's sporting a collar with a medallion that is actually the company's logo. How neat is that? 


Look at that soft looking fur on the back. Boy, that would be one gigantic dog. As you can see in the image above, the blower system rests discreetly behind its own tail, without impeding the inflow of air, which is required to maintain inflation. Set up is incredibly easy as well, since you just plug it in and watch it inflate in less than a couple of minutes. 


Do those eyes look sad? Maybe it's a melancholy? Get it? Okay, maybe it's not a Collie dog, but it's definitely a joke that's better said than written. That tongue sticking out makes it look happy though. You be the judge. 


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