Arby's Misting Tent

10x10 Misting Structure

arbys-red-tentLooking for an inflatable to bring attention to your cause all while keeping the crowd engaged? Promotional Design Group has made thousands of inflatables. We’ve manufactured anything from inflatable arches, inflatable mist tents, inflatable product replicas, inflatable domes, inflatable canopies and whatever custom shaped inflatable you’d like us to make.arbys-misting-tent-structure

We made this inflatable misting station for Arby’s foundation and it was a total hit. These tents are a wonderful way to keep the crowd cool on summer days. In this particular case this 10x10 unit is one of our smallest but we have worked on larger scale projects that serve as coolers at events where people are waiting in long lines. Call the experts if you have any questions on any type of inflatable. We can make it!arbys-tent

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