8 Foot Inflatable Sun 

Space Themed Inflatables


It's okay Icarus, you can fly close to this one without your wings melting. This inflatable sun replica is digitally printed to look like our sun. Did you know our sun is pretty dinky compared to red giants? Look them up, it's pretty neat. Planet and star replicas are great for teaching kids about our solar system and the universe in which we all inhabit. 


As you can see in the image above, our installers are tying ropes to it. Since planets and stars float in space, you can recreate an epic model of our solar system using huge inflatables. Planetariums could greatly benefit from these displays. The reinforced D-rings make it easy and safe to hang from any surface. You can use the provided ropes to safely secure it. 



Set-up of this inflatable sun is beyond easy. You simply pull it out of the carry bag that we provide, and unfold it. Once it is unfolded, you simply plug it in to a power source and watch it inflate in less than two minutes. Now you just tie it using the ropes and you're done! Easy peasy my friends. 

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