1 Min. Cup

10' Inflatable Replica

Open for Business

Take advantage of effective and low-cost advertising with a large inflatable replica like this 1 Min. Cup. Do you want your own graphics on there? Of course you do. Generic stuff isn't as cool as something custom, with you name or logo on it. Be unique. Be you. 


Big and Fun

When it comes to advertising, bigger is generally better. The more visible your sign is, the more likely it'll get noticed. Add something festive, like balloons and confetti to create a happy scene that is naturally more inviting. Make sure to add some bright colors to really spice it up. 



Quickie Set-up

Don't worry about setting this thing up. It's a breeze. Our inflatables are folded and packed in a storage bag. You simply remove it from the bag, lay it out on a safe surface, and plug it in. It'll inflate in less than three minutes. Then you use the ropes that we provide and tie them to weights like sandbags or water barrels. 

Looking for something completely original?

Give us a call to exchange ideas. We love to collaborate.

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