Texas Urban Living Realty

10x10 Pop Up Tent Set

texas-urban-living-realty-10x10-canopiesThe housing and development industry has fierce competition which is why brand experts help give the visibility and individuality that will set your business apart. The importance of this is something that real estate agents at Texas Urban Living Realty always keep in mind. By pairing design and the visualization of property ownership this 10x10 canopy reminds us all that a house can be made a home with a little help by the right professionals.


Having a fully printed canopy can sometimes be somewhat expensive, so we offer as much flexibility in design as possible to work with our client's budgets. These canopies both have custom printed valances but the tent tops are our stock color options. We offer 10+ stock color options for our clients to choose from. This set of canopies also comes with our cheapest (still heavy duty) pop up frame. The Econo Max is a commercial grade tent frame that will outlast any frame you can find at a sporting goods or hardware store. This tent is meant to last as long as possible, which is why we are confident you can use it for longterm installations and it will be just fine. 

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