Team Charlie Farms

10x20 Pop Up Tent

team-charlie-bronze-canopy-packageThe cannabis brand experience is transforming which is why the promotional advertisement for it must represent sophistication. Team Charlie Farms knows this and requested that we produce a canopy that would best showcase that. At PDG your wishes are orders and we do our best to represent the image of your company through our craft and we think we are killing it. Team Charlie Farms was very happy with the final product and the result is this 10x20 pop up canopy tent that is clean, simple and elegant.
team-charlie-10x20-tentThis clever tent that Team Charlie Farms designed to cater to two different markets right from this tent is one of our 10x20 bronze packages. They sell marijuana products and they use the left side of the tent for smaller clients while the right side is for clients looking to purchase more of their products at a time. This 10x20 canopy give you ample room to house your booth and products beneath it while also being presentable at most events. The tent looks sleek while also presenting function and order for their booth purposes.

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