Solar Marketing Tent

10x10 Canopy with Advertising Flags

sun-plug-printed-pop-up-tent-01.jpgSun Plug Solar

Solar seems to be the thing now! Especially in Southern California. Solar energy is a huge industry that only seems to be growing and distinguishing youserlf from everyone else is important. So, how do you go about standing out between all of the other solar companies? Well, the products and services you offer are a part of it and we cannot help you with that, but what we could do is definitely help you with your marketing strategy. Promotional Design Group manufactures indoor/outdoor marketing products that are perfect for events, exhibitions and even parties! In this case the tent is used for marketing events where Sun Plug goes to events to promote their products and truly stand out from the rest of the solar energy services and manufacturers. In large events where there are rows and rows of white tents having a custom printed tent will make you stand out from the rest, easily. 

What Kind of Tent is This?

This tent is part of our ad flag canopy packages! The package is unique because it provides versatility through the multiple accessories included in it. It comes with a fully printed tent top, a back wall with a single sided print, a set of short side-walls, a custom printed table cover ,and the key feature, a set of printed ad flags.

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