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splendid-blend-custom-printed-pop-up-tent-01.jpgMake the Experience Memorable

To this day we think the marketing on Splendid Blend's tent actually worked on us! It is a truly beautiful tent covered in printing that reflects the company's passion for what they do. They used clear images and lively design patterns along with their logo all over the tent and the end product looked truly amazing. Since they wanted printing on the entire tent we suggested they go with the Gold Package which includes a lot printing on different sections of the tent. The Gold Package includes multiple accessories that they come in very handy when setting up your booth. The tent top and the frame are the base of the tent and the back wall, the short side walls and the table cover are the accessories that we offer or that you can purchase through the packages. Splendid Blend has a memorable logo and their product is easy to remember but when they go to events they want to engage with their customers a whole lot more and the colorful tent seems a whole lot more inviting than their previous canopy. From the tent they would offer samples and it was a point of purchase for anyone looking to buy their delicious drinks. They make refreshing drinks for those hot summer days where a nice lemonade, ice tea or coconut water sound nice and now they go to events at the beach or outdoor events in general where they could promote their products for people to taste and buy. We are happy to have provided them with a solution for this need and we love seeing customer photos where we know the tent makes a huge difference in customer experience! 

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