Smile, California - Pop Up Canopy with Inflatable

Innovative design for maximum exposure. 



Tired of the same ol' plain pop up tents from stores? Stand out in a crowd with a custom Pop Up Canopy with Inflatable from Promotional Design Group. This commercial grade custom tent for Smile, California features an inflatable logo that rests on the modified peak of the tent. This one-of-a-kind canopy will get you the proper attention you need in no time.

Simple and quick to set up, this unique pop up tent can be taken to your favorite destinations, for ultimate effect. The frame collapses down to easily fit in the back of a car or truck. 

The inflatable logo on top was custom designed and can be designed to any specifications.

Constructed from heavy duty vinyl, the tent top and wall material is NFPA certified fire retardant as well as 100% waterproof. 

Fully printed, this custom tent jumps out to maximize its effectiveness. Give your brand the boost it needs today! 

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