Car Wrap Mobile Tent

Offer your services everywhere you go with a canopy, just like SAS Auto Division.

SAS-auto-division-canopy-custom-01.jpgThe Benefits of Mobility

Custom tents are great ways to display your business and the services you offer at events. The tent itself is perfect to create a booth where you can headquarter yourself in at events and engage with attendees who are interested in your product, services or ideas. The full printing on the tent also creates high visibility for you to be easily recognizable in between many other booths at events. This tent includes many printed sections with the company's logo and color scheme. This is because this tent is a Gold Package. The Gold Package includes all of the listed items below and because it includes all of the items listed it is one of the most versatile canopies available. You can choose to install all of the printed panels or you can exclude one or two here and there to accommodate to each event you are attending. 

Make a Good Impression!

Showing up to an event in a plain tent will not distinguish your booth since they all tend to look the same. Now, if you show up to an event in a canopy that has your logos and a clear message as to what it is you do, it will make a huge difference in visitors. Foot traffic at events is usually already predestined, they know where they want to go, but if your booth happens to be eye-catching then they might get swayed and come your way. SAS Auto Division is dedicated to making your car look beautiful and with a nice coat of paint, a sleek car wrap, a protective film or a window tint. This is a very specialized service and if I went up to them and their booth or location looked bare and basic then the impact they would not seem professional but since they look professional there is a certain trustworthiness to them. 

The Items Included in the Gold Package

The entire tent top is printed with any color, image, or pattern desired. The same applies to all of the other printed articles you see in the image above. The back wall, the side skirts and the table cover are all printed to your liking. The entire tent is perfect for printing your slogans or having lively imagery on it. You can also post your website, phone number or maybe just general info for others to be able to see from afar on it. 

Items included:

(1) Fully Printed Tent Top

(1) Fully Printed Back Wall

(2) Fully Printed Side Skirts (half walls)

(1) Printed Tent Table Cover

(1) 10x10 Dura Max Frame

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