Redstart Racing

Custom Tent with Walls and a Durable Frame

Redstart Racing are folks who get motor sports. Let’s face it, we don’t always feel like we just had the best customer service after a call to a shop. If you’re sick and tired of calling performance shops only to feel like you’re bothering them or the employees are inconvenienced by answering your questions, Redstart Racing really works hard to earn your business.redstart-custom-canopy

We have a similar business model. With Promotional Design Group you’ll never feel like you’re alone with your marketing concerns. We are right there with you every step of the way from start to end. redstart-racing-canopy

redstart-10x10-tentThe items found in this project are the following:

- (1) 10x10 Dura Max Canopy Frame

- (1) Fully Printed Tent Top

- (3) Custom Walls

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