Pink Vail

10x10 Polyester Canopy

pink-vail-10x10-tentPink Vail is every year's most expected campaign event against cancer. Pink Vail proceeds benefit cancer patients in need of exercise training, nutrition coaching, emotional support and so on. This 10x10 pop up canopy is all about understanding the messaging inherent in this stage of people’s lives. We incorporate Pink Vail’s creative efforts to make a difference in the patient’s quality of life and we are honored to contribute to such a wonderful cause, one way or another.
pink-vail-polyester-canopyWhile most of our canopies are heavy duty vinyl tents, this beautiful tent is a dye sublimation tent. Our dye sublimation tents are far lighter and more vibrant than our heavy duty vinyl tents. They are water resistant while our vinyl tents are a completely waterproof. This tent top is a version of our Bronze Package which only comes with a printed tent top. This specific tent also comes with a heavy duty tent frame. This heavy duty tent frame is our Econo Max, our cheapest frame (money wise) tent frame that comes with a 2 year warranty. 

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