Perfect Hydration

Customized 10x10 Tent

perfect-hydration-custom-canopiesPerfect Hydration really gets it! The amount of integrity exerted into the production of not only purified, but electrolyzed, ionized, mineralized and alkalinized water, it’s truly refreshing! They’re all about helping your body find its balance with the proper PH levels of hydration.perfect-hydration-tents

Perfect Hydration needed a couple of canopy tents to keep spreading their message of high quality drinking water at various events. We were very happy they came to us. Our team of experts really took upon themselves to ensure Perfect Hydration got the visibility their brand needed with these two beautiful 10 x 10 pop up canopy tents that were meticulously developed.perfect-hydration-10x10-canopies

The items found in this project are the following:

- (2) Dura Max Canopy Frame

- (2) Fully Printed Tent Top

- (2) Single Sided Back Wall

- (4) Single Sided Rail Skirts

- (2) Custom Table Cover

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