Customized 10x10 Tent

lavor-10x10-tentIn business since 1975, Lavor has grown to become a specialist manufacturer of professional and household cleaning systems, over the years. They have since acquired several leading brands and have expanded their range of cleaning machinery that are suitable for any kind of applications both indoor and outdoor. Our story is not very different, we have been in business since 1984 and have been continuously renovating and innovating. We started off small but have since added other brands to our line of expertise. Our focus on design and research and development have let us to innovative ways that go from simply just manufacturing tents to conceptualizing and developing large scale projects that require a more intricate undertaking and approach.lavor-canopy

The items found in this project are the following:

- (1) Dura Max Canopy Frame

- (1) Fully Printed Tent Top

- (1) Single Sided Back Wall

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