LA Bakery Canopy

Mobility for all events and purposes!

la-farm-bakery-canopy.jpgLa Farm Bakery 10x10 Pop Up Canopy

La Farm Bakery, who is well known in their community for their great tasting bakery & pastry treats, decided to go mobile and cater to all that attend events and festivals locally from their brick and mortar location. They decided to maximize their reach by attending as many events and festivals that occur throughout the year with the purchase of a Food Truck, which they branded with their logos and graphics all throughout.

They were looking into providing shade for those customers that wanted to stick around and just relax, so they reached out to us to create a 10x10 pop up canopy that would feature the name of their Bakery on all fours sides. The idea turned out to be a success in keeping in line with their branded food truck. The La Farm Bakery canopy worked out fabulous and not only did they provide shade and tables to all their patrons, they also used the customized canopy as a way to sell their tasty treats at different venues without having to use theirfood truck. They wound up using the branded canopy not only for shade but as a food both tent. It couldn’t have worked out any better for La Farm Bakery.

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