Kirk Gibson Foundation

Custom Silver Canopy Package


Group collaborations render optimal results. We want our clients to fall in love with our team's designs and creations. The final product should be able to provide our clients with pride for owning it.. Kirk Gibson Foundation is behind a similar ideology by promoting collaboration, cooperation and teamwork their foundation strives to impress the significance of this to patients, caregivers, neurologists, therapists, researchers, scientists, family, and friends. We do our best to translate this message and it shows--this 10x10 pop up canopy proudly showcases the importance of being a team player. Together with our customers we create and develop some of the most beautiful tents available anywhere. 


This unique canopy is based on our silver canopy package. It has a fully printed tent top and back wall. While designing the final layout for the tent our team focuses on making sure the tent's aesthetic is pleasing to the eye but eye-catching too! It must provide information regarding the company it is for but it also has to be easy to understand. The solid navy blue and orange on the tent create a unique contrast that makes the tent truly easy to stand out. On these solid colors we were also able to place their most important information such as their logo, name, and website. All in all the final tent looks great and we are always looking forward to working with others in order to create the tent of their dreams. 

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