Dental Canopy Flag Package

Portable Tent Booth for Dental Practitioners

kid-z-dent-adflag-custom-canopy-01.jpgKids Dental Tent

Getting kids to go to the dentist is a hassle! KidZ 2 Dent offers all kinds of dental services tailored specifically for kids. Their offer a range of pediatric dentistry services to make children feel at home when they are in the office. So, when children are in their office they are friendly and this way they make them feel comfortable for any procedures or check ups. 

So what is the tent for?

They use the tent to go to events and host activities for potential clients. This offers them a great opportunity to meet the staff! Outdoor/Indoor marketing is taken to a whole new level because the tent is colorful and their logo is kid friendly and eye-catching. The tent also stands out from other tents because it has flags on it that wave and ripple in the air, constantly moving which in itself is an attraction. Not to mention the printing which is to most prominent customization the tent had. The printing methods with which we applied the print onto the tent is one that etches the ink onto the material, instead of forming a thin film on top, which ensure the durability of the ink will be longer. The ad-flag canopy package comes with printing on all of the printed panels on the tent. It also includes two printed flags. 

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