Green Tea Pop Up Canopy

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Green-tea-canopy.jpgPortable Green Tea Booth

Green Tea & Coconut and Kale Company contacted us and were looking to find a way to get noticed. The customer was looking for something rather light and in aluminum that can be set up and taken down rather quickly by one or two persons. This green tea pop up canopy was the perfect solution for their needs and since Promotional Design Group specializes in printed tents and canopies our sale person, based on his expertise, recommended a 10x10 Printed Pop Up Canopy with their logos and Graphics. They decided to go with our most popular commercial grade heavy duty pop up canopy frame model which is our Duramax. One of the Green Tea & Coconut and Kale representative worked hand in hand with our sales person along with one of our 3-D professional design specialist and after some collaboration with the customer and designer they created a mock up 3D rendering with some amazing logos and graphics that the customer only needed a couple of minor modifications to approve the printed canopy design and move forward. After the design was finalized our incredible staff both in design and production went to work and produced an eye popping 10x10 Pop Up Canopy with logos and graphics for the Green Tea and Coconut and Kale Company that really made a statement every time they used it at special events or tradeshows.

Affordable Printed Tents & Canopies

With the advent of large format printing and a vast amount of large format printers available at
competitive rates, printed tents and canopies have now become relatively inexpensive compared to a
few years ago when there were not too many manufacturers or distributors of large format printers.

Making a Statement using Corporate Branded Canopies

We not only offered a canopy with logos and graphics to the Green Tea & Coconut and Kale Company
but a work of art that made a statement with the company’s product splashed all over the canopy top
and walls. Located in Los Angeles California Promotional Design Group has been around since 1990 and have built a great reputation among many companies that use our promotional products and services worldwide. We are proud to say that we manufacture all our tents and canopies in the United States. Many customers have become loyal and continue to purchase from our company not only for our great service but because our tents and canopies are heavy duty and commercial grade & are durable beyond belief and because we offer the longest warranties worldwide for all our Tents and Canopies.

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