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Customized 10x10 Tent

gomez-and-associates-10x10-canopyWhen it comes to professional and legal advice, no one can afford to place their future and livelihood at the hands of the wrong people. The same is true for those currently in immigration proceedings, having the right legal support can ease some of the anxiety that comes with having to wait for a legal decision to be granted. In situations like this, Gomez & Associates Immigration Attorneys are there to help. In situations where you’re looking to promote your business, we are also here to lend a hand . And we do so with care and professionalism, always keeping our client’s needs in mind. This 10 x 10 pop up canopy tent is one of the simplest options available and it includes our dura max steel frame and an all around custom printed tent top.gomez-and-associates-tent

The items found in this project are the following:

- (1) Dura Max Canopy Frame

- (1) Printed Tent Top

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