Fashion Nova

10x10 Bronze Package with an Aluminum Frame

Fashion-Nova-bronze-packageBased in the heart of the fashion district in Los Angeles, Fashion Nova is undoubtedly a trend setter. And when it comes to fashion you want others to remember your brand. That’s not very difficult to accomplish with those who have worn their clothing but Fashion Nova needed a little extra help with standing out at their trade show events. With that in mind, we worked on this 10x10 canopy to insure that not only those who already knew the brand stopped by their booth but also those who didn’t did so as well. 
10x10-Fashion-Nova-tentWhat is a bronze package: The bronze package is a simple canopy set up that offers a clean look while offering a useful event tent. It comes with a fully printed tent top that can be customized with crazy graphics or neatly organized logos that will represent your brand on a custom tent.

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