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ding-magic-red-pop-up-canopy-01.jpgPromotion Tent

Promoting your business takes some serious dedication. Knocking door to door is no longer a viable technique since not everyone is interested. Instead you could go to exhibitions where attendess might be attacted to your product since it relates the event. This seems to be far more effective, but you can't just show up with a small banner and your name printed on it. You have to be clearly seen and you have to stand out from the rest in order to get the attention you deserve. This Ding Magic canopy is a perfect example of a tent designed with clear messaging and attractive colors that will be far more engaging than a plain tent or a small banner with a logo. The tent is bold and proffesional without being obstrusive, rather it is eye-catching and it will help you receive more foot traffic. Ding Magic already has a a great service in Colorado. They can take any vehicle with a dent and work on the vehicle without repainting the car or without removing the parts. They then remove the dent with all sorts of tools that wont damage the vehicle. When everything is said and done the car looks great and they even have examples for you to look at. With their tent they go to exhibitions, car events, and if they are not at an event they park it outside their shop to attract customers. The tent design is our Canopy Flag Package and it is one of the packages that has the most accessories. The distinguishing factor is the four flags that hand on the corners. As with all of our canopy packages the flag package is a great option since you dont have to use the entire set of the accessories at a time. You can take the canopy and install certain accessorries based on whatever your needs at an event are. Of course, you can install all of the accessories on the canopy and the tent will look great as well! 

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