Architects Pop up Tent

Easy to use pop up tent with a beautiful design created for an architectural firm.

greenleaf-architects-canopy.jpgThe Greenleaf Lawson Architect Firm 10x10 Pop Up Tent

The Greenleaf Lawson Architect firm was looking for a way to advertise their services to the
local community as well as tradeshows and events throughout the United States. They decided
to purchase a commercial grade heavy duty 10x10 printed pop up tent that would meet their
budget. The architect firm had many events planned for the year so we recommend our top of
the line Gorillamax commercial grade heavy duty pop up tent frame with printed flags and a
custom table cover.
Our creative tent designer went to work and created a 3D mockup of what the Greenleaf
Lawson Architect Gorillamax heavy duty commercial grade 10x10 pop up canopy would look
like with their logos and graphics and with colors that really burst all throughout their tent top
and walls. They were very pleased with the rendering created by our tent designers so they
decided to move forward and place their order. Our printing department along with
production sewers and heat sealers were able to manufacture a top quality, heavy duty
commercial grade and extremely durable canopy top, walls, customized flags and table cover in
less than two weeks.

Get noticed with a Promotional Tent with Logos and Graphics
Greenleaf Lawson Architect firm wanted to make a statement so we recommend placing their
logos and graphics all throughout the tent top and walls so they can be noticed from afar and
from all four sides. They also decided to purchase custom flags and a custom printed table
cover as well. If you can afford to place all the bells and whistles we strongly recommend going
for the gusto.
More and more we see customers leaning towards creating a customized tent with their logos
and graphics all throughout instead of a plain or solid colored tent. A customized tent will get
you noticed and will create awareness like never before compared to a standard striped or solid
colored tent. More often we see more and more promotional tents with corporate branding
popping up at events and tradeshows clear across the United States.

Easy Up Tents Better Known as Pop Up Tents
Easy Up Tents are usually the direction that most of our customers lean towards. Their fast and
easy to set up and can be done by an individual or two in less than 5 minutes once acclimated.

Solvent Based Printing Works Best
We always recommend going with solvent based printing for tents and canopies instead of dye
sublimation. Most don’t realize that dye sublimation works best in indoor environments rather
than outdoors since the inks do not have any U.V protection like solvent based inks do.
So if you want to make a statement and get noticed go with the leader in custom tent design
and manufacturing. Give Promotional Design Group a call and let us tailor a design that is just
right for you. We’re nearby and located in the cosmopolitan City of Los Angeles and in the
beautiful sunny state of California.

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