Inflatable Tunnels

Featuring quick set up capacity, colorful and rich printing and high-quality materials, these inflatable arches take customers on an elongated journey with your brand or product. Large scale tents are amazing because of how much work and calculating goes into one to make it come alive. Because of the entirely unique, larger-than-life shape and intriguing, all-encompassing environment, visitors won’t be able to see anything else in the immediate vicinity. Custom inflatable tunnels are often used for sporting events, primarily as final portions of a race or as a structure to help introduce a team to the field, because they can house a large group of people before a big reveal. They’re also well-suited for kids’ events (what kid doesn’t want to run around in a huge, blow-up tunnel?), trade shows, festivals, fairs and so much more. A custom inflatable and promo tent in one, these structures can be used as an alternative to your event canopy or hub at any industry-related fair. The tunnels can be installed in a matter of half an hour with the help of some friends but it is a rather simple process compared to installing a clunky frame tent with separate connectors and tubes everywhere. The inflatable tunnels have little to no parts that need assembling (depending on the size of the tunnel.) Installing the tunnel is so easy that all you have to do is tie is down and attach the blower and the inflatable will do the rest. On hot and sunny days they provide you with shade but at the same time since they have an open design there is always a cool breeze available. You can use them in place of a traditional promo tent thanks to the protective barrier that keeps the interior dry and cool. Ensure that your brand is the light at the end of the tunnel by setting up your table at the far end of the structure, or create a design that features your logo or brand colors all over the interior and exterior walls. We can create large, inflatable tunnels with windows, arched openings, enclosed ends or columns to bring your exceptional vision to life. Our design team can also assist you with our years of expertise to make sure that the final product is a beautiful one that will be eye-catching while elegant and bold as the same time. Because of the capacity of our state-of-the-art Los Angeles facility, we have the capability to design massive promo tunnels for just about any size business — large or small. Once we receive your email we will be contacting you regarding the advertising item you are interested in and we will provide you with answers to your questions and samples of quotes based on standard sizes. If for any reason you need to redesign an inflatable tunnel or make it bigger we can definitely do that and we will update your free rendering to reflect sizing and scale for the updated structure size. With quick quoting, free 3-D rendering an unbelievably fast and reliable production, Promotional Design Group ensures that the whole process runs smoothly from start to finish. Incredibly easy setup and compact storing make these walk-in promo structures ideal for a huge array of events. All custom tunnels come with powerful blowers that have the capacity to inflate a 50-foot tent in just 15 minutes.

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