Inflatable Domes

Our custom inflatable domes create an amazing, hospitable space that can round out your entire business theme at any event. With the ability to create a promotional tent as recognizable as the U.S. Capitol or the Taj Mahal, our inflatable domes will help ensure that customers remember your company — and its out-of-the box take on business — at any industry event, trade show, fair or festival. Featuring shapes that won’t box you in, these soft, round inflatable structures create a hospitable hub that allows for a walk-in brand experience that’s truly memorable. Our custom promotional domes come in two unique structural shapes: baffled and tubular. Baffled domes allow for added structural stability by using a series of inner walls. Tubular domes rely on exterior dome openings or windows to add strength to the structure while simultaneously allowing guests to move in or out at their leisure. What’s unique about working with Promotional Design Group for your company-branded dome is that we have the capacity to bring any promotional vision to life — large or small. We can create an unbelievable inflatable dome with your business’ logo, product or colors richly rendered on the exterior walls. Our production process is designed to be as simple and uncomplicated as possible, which is why we’ve built a proven track record backed by 20 years of quality service. Provide us with your contact information and promo dome ideas and we’ll create a free, 3-D rendering of your inflatable dome along with detailed pricing information to help keep production within your budget. No matter the complexity, magnitude or scale of your design idea, we’re well-equipped to turn it from concept to construction. All of our products, including our unique inflatable dome tents, are made in our state-of-the-art Los Angeles facility with high-end materials that are built to last. These all-encompassing event tents are a fantastic way to ensure that the masses are drawn to your promo tent and get a well-rounded idea of your brand.

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