Canopy Tent Lights

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Pop Up Tent Shelter Lights

A wireless LED light that attatches directly onto your pop up tent.
pop up tent LED lights
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How can I use my pop up canopy at night?

Canopy lights are the perfect way to brighten up your space. Our LED shelter lights are 12” long with 3 different settings: 100% brightness, 50% brightness, and strobe. At full charge our LED shelter lights have a run time of 8 hours on 100% brightness, 36 hours on 50% brightness, and 10 hours on strobe. It takes only 8 hours to fully charge the LED shelter lights.

Never trip over a cable again! You can now focus on what you do best in using your pop up canopy at night.

Pop Up Tent Lights

Manufactured to brighten up your night. 
custom printed colors

Simple Set-Up, Snap, and Secure

You could take the shelter light out of the box, clip it onto a truss bar inside of the pop up canopy and you now have a safe, easy to use, and very bright light. 

table cover material options, vinyl or polyester

3 Different Modes

A low light, strong light, and strobe mode are all included with this pop up tent light. Warning!!! Strobe light mode will start a party and attract countless people to your pop up tent.


Rechargable Battery

With a battery that last up to 24 hours of consistant use, you will always have light under your pop up canopy. Run out of juice? No need to spend any money on batteries, just charge it with the included charging cable and wall adapter. 

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What do re-chargable lights come with?

Every one of our shelter lights also comes with instructions and a charger so that you never run out of power. No need for AA, AAA, C or any other letter of the alphabet to charge your lights. It can all be done with the provided micro USB charger or any micro USB cable that you have.

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Want to lock up your tent?

The LED shelter lights also come with clips you can use to attach to the pop up tent truss bars and are magnetic on one end, so you can stick it to anything magnetic. As long as it’s not the same magnetic pole because then they’ll just repel each other, so don’t do thatThe clips that come with the light allow you to attach them to the tent with ease in the matter of seconds. All you do is turn it on, attach it and your done!

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Easay to Use Canopy Clip On Lights

The video below provides some useful tips showing you how to use our lights.

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