Custom Ad Flags

Commonly called advertising flags, these business-branded flags give you a free-standing promotion that can travel from event to event or be placed outside your brick and mortar business to help direct traffic straight to your company’s door. What’s great about our custom ad flags is that they showcase your brand anywhere you need it — from industry events and trade shows to company conventions and beyond. Our advertising flags can be fitted to act as a promotional mount add-on to any standard logo tent or can stand on their own. We offer heavy-duty, cross-style bases to help the ad flags stand on their own if you want to place them outside your business, on the sidewalk near the street or at the base of your promo tent at an industry event. We also offer advertising flag wall mounts and tent mounts and if you want to add them to a pre-existing structure for extra branding and spirit. If you’re in a particularly windy area or want to reinforce the base, you can add sand bags and weights made specifically for ad flags. All of the flags are compatible with our with our pop up tent attachments for flags. They are also compatible with our larger frame tents. On our canopy tents you can add up to six different canopies and on larger tents we can have a total of eight different flags. The flags on a tent add some flair to the tent and it makes it look unique compared to every single Every single pop up canopy with flags has some sort of level of compatibility and we have made sure they are streamlined across everything we offer. This way you can have a flag on top of a tent or you can have the flag be a standalone flag. The beauty of the flags is also that they can be double sided so your signage can be read from both sides of the flag. The flags are also very easy to install and to take down because of how simple the entire flag system is. Setting up the flag system takes about 3 minutes and it will look just as good as anyone can set it up. Taking the entire flag down and storing it in a bag is also very simple and it can be stored in a rather small space. Transporting the flags is also a very easy thing because they weigh almost nothing and the bag they are stored in is easy to carry and handle. Our printing facility is always on top of new technologies and making the flags is an art form for us. We cannot pride ourselves in making a product that is inferior so we work our best to make sure that each and every flag we manufacture The amount of attention to detail that goes into prepping the material, color matching, and printing the flag itself is so crucial because the final product has to be perfect every time especially if we generate multiple of them because they all would have to be exactly the same each and every time. Flags can also be manufactured in multiple sizes ranging from absolutely small flags 8' to incredibly big 15' flags. Flags are a huge part of what we do because they usually accompany many of our other projects and instead of forming standalone projects they become part of a bigger project. We also do projects with multiple flags at a time where the customer might need 50 or 100 flags and we can deliver with proper consistency and without compromising our quality. Because all of our ad flags are made in our impressive Los Angeles facility, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get quick shipping and quality-made promo materials. With a standard turnaround time of just seven to 10 days, you can get fast, cost-effective advertising in the blink of an eye. We also offer rush delivery if you have an upcoming event that you just can’t miss without a set of these remarkable ad flags on hand. Promotional Design Group is here to help at every step — from conception to construction.

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